Boarding Form

Save time during your boarding drop-off. Complete your boarding form online before your visit.

Boarding Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit.

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Client Name
Photo and Information Release
Eastern Animal Hospital takes photographs for business purposes. I authorize and give full consent to Eastern Animal Hospital, it's representative, employees, and assigns, to take photographs of my pet and/or me and to copyright, use, and publish the same in print and/or electronically (including Facebook and other social media forums). I further grant full permission to Eastern Animal Hospital, it's representatives, employees, and assigns, to use or caused to be used, these photographs and/or either my name and/or my pet's name (if necessary) for any purpose (such as but not limited to advertising, marketing, publications, electronic distribution, and the internet) without limitations or reservations whatsoever. This consent also serves to waive all rights of privacy or compensation which I may have in connection with the use of any photography in which either my pet or I appear.

Pet Diet

Would you like your pet to be fed EAH Food or are you supplying your own?
Per Day
Last Time You Fed Your Pet

Extra Services

Complimentary Bath
For dogs staying 2 nights or more
Complimentary Fragrance Spray
Complimentary Bandana
Nail Trim ($38-$47)
Number of Sessions
Number of Sessions
Doggie Daycare Evaluation (Subject to Availability)
Please see team member for waiver & information
Please list FULL or HALF day(s)


Please be aware that there is a charge each time medications need to be given.

Please list any medications your pet will need / is currently taking along with dosages and how often they are given.

Medications will only be accepted in their original container. Please do not put any medications in with your pet's food or belongings. All medications should be given to the Client Care Specialist upon arrival. This includes any and all supplements.

Medication must have a prescription label/be in original container
Include Last Time Given
Medication must have a prescription label/be in original container
Include Last Time Given
Medication must have a prescription label/be in original container
Include Last Time Given
Medication must have a prescription label/be in original container
Include Last Time Given
Do any medications need to be refilled?
While your pet is boarding with us, they will receive a complimentary dose of FortiFlora once a day. FortiFlora is a probiotic supplement meant to increase appetite and aid in eliminating stress diarrhea.
Should my pet run out of medications during their stay, I authorize the medication to be refille. I understand the charges will be applied to my invoice.

Veterinary Care Directive

Veterinary Care Directive
I, being responsible for the above described animal, have the authority to grant you my consent. If at any time during his/her stay at Eastern Animal Hospital, my pet is in terminal condition due to advanced age, injury, or disease and the use of life saving procedures will only postpone his/her death, I want the veterinarians to:
I have willingly selected this choice and understand the choice I have made. I believe I am mentally and emotionally competent to make this choice. I understand that medication to relieve pain will be given under all choices and I will be charged for this medication. I understand this directive pertains to sustaining my pet's life until I can be contacted. It does not extend to all possible treatments which may be advised and/or necessary as a result of illness.

Terms and Conditions:

1. I agree to drop-off/ pick-up my pet within the hours listed at the top of this form in order to avoid a boarding fee for that day.

2. I leave personal items at my own risk . EAH is not responsible for loss or damage of any personal items.

3. I agree that if my pet becomes sick while boarding at EAH, EAH will not be financially responsible for my pets' medical costs.

4. I certify that my pet appears to be free of contagious disease and has not bitten anyone or been in a shelter in the past 10 days.

5. I agree to make a 100% deposit to Eastern Animal Hospital at the time of drop-off.

6. We recommend all pets have vaccines updated at least 2 weeks prior to check in.

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